Your Face In The ‘Owellian’ America

Police State Loss of our liberties and especially our ‘Privacy’ has been the state of affairs for a generation (at least). The lightening speed of ‘tech’ is distorting our perception of ‘Normal’ as the acceptance of an ‘Orwellian’ police state is thrust upon us. This is not a “conspiracy theory” or paranoid delusion. It is a FACT.

Virtually 360 degree car license plate scanning as the patrol cars drive down the street, surveillance cameras mounted on every corner, with a coverage grid of both city streets and inside public buildings. And now the deployment of the latest ‘Facial Recognition’ technology as described by Alvaro Bedoya, executive director of the Georgetown Center stated:

“I genuinely hope that more and more of the American public has a chance to see what’s at stake here. It doesn’t just track our phones or computers. It tracks our flesh and our bones. This is a tracking technology unlike anything our society has ever seen. You don’t even need to touch anything.”

“We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”, and the question is ‘What Are We Going To Do About It?” Since 9/11 we’ve seen multiple ‘Trillion$’s” spent on this growing Orwellian grid to “Protect” us from the bogyman. Let us stipulate the fact that ‘We’ve Been Had’.

ACLUIn are recent article by Fiona Miller titled; Facial Recognition Threatens Privacy of All Americans; Govt tracking people without oversight these issues are bought into focus. Here are some quotes from the source article;

“A coalition of over 50 civil liberties groups sent a letter to the Justice Department’s civil rights division calling for a “safeguards” to ensure that facial recognition software is being used accurately and fairly.

Police departments and other government coalitions have been using facial recognition software more often in recent years. However, there is currently no way to regulate government use of these technologies, putting the safety of millions of Americans on the line”

“Civil liberties groups are concerned that since 2002, thousands of Americans who have never been arrested have had their picture in a database, thanks to their driver’s licenses being submitted. Groups are concerned that this creates a “digital line-up” of suspects who have never even been in trouble with the law before.

Also a concern is the amount of times software has generated a false match. Due to its nature, women, African-Americans and young people are often falsely matched within the database, which can trigger false or illegal arrests or other issues”

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