Well, these images appearing on the news today of the “Veterans” being treated like Enemies of the State really brings into focus just how far the USA has fallen down into the pit of confusion and failed political unity.

Truly a “Surrounded” moment if there ever was one (Bankster fraud still at the top of the list).  Soles Of Passion regret we were not able to be there supporting our nation’s “heroes” and playing “Got Me Surrounded’ while they broke through the barricades of the National monuments erected to honor each and every one of them.

Has the political leadership of this great nation gone completely “MAD”?  At what point did the politburo of decision makers opt to “send out the guards” to quash the efforts of the American Heroes trying to demonstrate their 1st Amendment rights, and their rights as both Veterans and citizens to visit public memorials erected in their own honor?VETERAN 1

There is little doubt in this musician’s mind that the people of this great nation stand with the “Veterans” and those politicians and “enforcers” that stood against the Veterans on this matter today have brought untold “shame” unto themselves.

The good news about this “confrontation” today is that it will resonate far and wide with the citizens of our Nation, and very clearly demonstrates just how “out of sync” the political leadership has gotten with the citizens.  Have the politicians forgotten that it is the “Veteran’s” victories and honor that allows them to even hold political office?VETERAN 3

It is important to remember that the people of this nation are the “Boss”, the politicians work for the people.  This disgrace today is only going to “wake the people up” to the fact that the people must maintain control over the politicians.  Something that has obviously gotten lost along the way.

Here are some quotes from this story written by Kit Daniels;

“Shocking video shows hyped-up riot police hitting and shoving elderly war veterans with batons at a peaceful protest outside the White House.

Earlier today, the veterans tore down the barricades blocking access to outdoor war memorials, such as the National World War II Memorial and the Marine Corps War Memorial.

They then carried the barricades and stacked them in front of the White House.EAGLE TEARING

The Obama administration purposely decided to erect the barricades to keep the public from visiting war memorials during the government shutdown.

These war memorials, such as the WWII memorial, are outdoor architectural structures in a park with no official entrance.”



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