Wrong Then – Wrong Now – Wrong Tomorrow

Wrong Then, Wrong Now, Wrong TomorrowRepeating mistakes from the past will not solve the many problems we face today. People caught in an ‘UN-balanced’ world will always seek a way to find their equilibrium, it’s the natural way of things. However, the problems we face today are not going to solved in the idealism and allure of Socialism and Communism. Just look at what has happened in Venezuela for a reality check.

Youth is becoming ever more disenfranchised by the extreme bad example set by the “El-lite” capitalists. Is it any wonder that the horrendous examples consistently set by the ‘Robber Baron’ Ponzi scheming Oligarchs alienates people (Hello Wall Street/2008) and ignites a lust for ‘a better way’. People know the system is rigged by the Oligarchs and Monopolists, they want NO part of it. Which makes them vulnerable to the ‘sirens’ talking up the ideologies of ‘Socialism’ and ‘Communism’

Fat catsIn our bastardized system of capitalism and free markets, cronyism and corruption rules the day and grants the contracts to insiders. How is this any different than the way the ‘party elites’ run and benefit from the communist system? Karl Marx was quoted as saying “the only way we’re going to get to communism is through a dictatorship of the proletariat”. In those systems like our evolved system of capitalism there’s also the “El-lites” calling the shots and controlling every aspect of the society.

In a recent article written by Greg Corombos he writes about the failed reality of the Communist allure. Here are a few quotes from that article;

“People say: ‘Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful. Let’s do away with all classes. Let’s do away with all conflicts and have some utopia in which we’re all going to be friends.’ That just works against human nature”

“But 100 years of communism and practice expose the promises for what they really are; The communists are the biggest liars in human history, (Lee Edwards said) If you think about it, they promised peace, land and bread to the people in the beginning, way back in Russia and then in China. Instead of peace, they got them involved in wars. Instead of land, they took away their land and. Instead of bread, they gave them bread lines” Freedom

To Read The Entire Article By Greg Corombos (CLICK HERE)

It’s FREEDOM stupid!


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