Published on May 28, 2013

Senior Counsel for the World Bank legal department reports corruption to US Congress; the World Bank’s other member countries, and the public.

This is one of the most descriptive videos I have seen regarding the “Corruption” that we all know permeates the international banking system. Ms. Karen Hudes who was a senior legal counsel for the World Bank tells her story about her time at the World Bank where she observed “behavior” going on that was contrary to the type of behavior that she was there to uphold. When she reported her observations, she was “ostracized” and eventually fired from her position.

You can tell from her interview that she is very passionate about this subject, and is not the type of person who is going to look the other way when she knows she’s right, and things are going on that should not be going on. As she puts it, “I was the fencing captain” in her college fencing team, and she’s not going to back down from a fight.

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Based on everything that we’ve seen go on with the major banks during the “Mortgage Securitization Meltdown”, and the subsequent foreclosure crisis that has ensued after the public “bail out” of the banks. Combined with very in depth reporting by writers such as Matt Taibbi at the Rolling Stone, about the “Corrupted behavior” of major banks, and other financial mis-deeds. The disclosures made by Karen Hudes in this video interview really drives home the point of just how “inter twined”, self-serving, and Corrupt the international financial system really is.


It’s no wonder that all of us on the low end of the food chain know and see that something is very “wrong’ with what is going on at the upper levels. This is a situation that is driven from the “top down”.

David Knight of Nightly News, does a fantastic job of interviewing Ms. Hudes, and has a deep understanding of the subject matter, so he really asks the “hard questions” that needed to be asked, and Karen does a wonderful job of telling it like it is (being herself).

Thank goodness Karen is out there fighting the good fight, as without “warriors” like her, all I can say is Lord help us all. Karen truly confirms that they’ve really “Got Me Surrounded” (and you too).

The video is approx. 43 mins long, and very informative for those who are seeking this level of information.


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