Homeowners Association: Veteran Can’t Build Furniture For Military Families In Need

Ok, we understand that all Homeowner’s Associations have their boiler plate CC&R’s which each and every homeowner/member agrees to abide by. And these rules probably contain the customary “no toxic substances” verbiage, and that no member’s activities can disturb the quiet enjoyment of the other members etc. However, this story highlighted by CBS news channel 13 in Nevada County, CA underscores the mindset of what’s wrong in our Country today.

DENNIS Dennis Kocher is a PRIME example of the Soles Of Passion theme; “People Helping People From the Bottom Up”. He buys the raw materials with his own money; he uses his own carpentry tools and puts in his own labor to make furniture for families of active duty Veterans that are so poor they cannot afford basic furniture in their homes. He asks for nothing in return, and does it purely out of kindness, trying to make a difference for folks in need. Veterans in need I might add. He is also doing this in the “privacy of his own home”. Inside his own garage, on his own property. And, he has the support of his neighbors directly adjacent and contiguous to his property. No doubt he also pays his share of his HOA dues each month.


If the Obama Administration can give out “waivers” to their corporate insiders and unions, excluding them from the mandates of the “Affordable Care Act” (Obamacare), and members of Congress can exempt themselves from the very laws they put upon “the people”. Why can’t this Homeowner’s Association grant Dennis Kocher a waiver to do what he’s doing (and been doing for years) in the privacy of his own home? Perhaps those in management of this Home Owner’s Association should try living in an apartment “with no furniture”, see how they like it. See how comfortable their lives will be when their bodies press against unforgiving concrete or wooden flooring. As far as we’re concerned this man is a Saint, Soles Of Passion stands with you Dennis, and our prayers and thoughts are for your victory in this fight.

Here are some quotes from this CBS 13 story;

“NEVADA COUNTY (CBS13) — A war veteran who builds furniture in his garage and gives it to military families in need could be forced to shut down the saws. A homeowners association is telling Dennis Kocher he needs to close up shop after years of doing business , or he could be fined between $100 and $1,000. “I may not paint, sand, cut wood or screw on the property at anytime,” he said.

He builds to help make a better life for families who have very little.

“I don’t make a profit. The money I spend is my own money, my own time and talents and I build it to give to the Beale [Air Force Base],” he said.”


CLICK HERE to read the entire source article by CBS 13.


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