When Propaganda No Longer Works

Media BlitzThere comes a point where people become oversaturated with the Propaganda. People are capable of making their own decisions. The ‘El-Lites’ seem to under estimate people’s ability to think and make decisions for themselves. Non-Stop blasting of the Propaganda’s message has a shelf life, and once the saturation point is reached, people just ‘Tune It Out’.

‘El-Lites’ demand Control at any price to get it and maintain it. Truth does not seem to matter. All that matters is getting Control. If some version of the Truth can be twisted to help them, they will use that. If deception and outright fabrication of the facts will work better, no hesitation go that way. What the ‘El-Lites’ don’t seem to realize is the vast amounts of Americans, working class citizens ‘Could Care Less’ about the Propaganda.

As outlined by a recent article by Christian Whiton. Here are some quotes from his ‘on-point’ article;

“My first reaction to the anonymous anti-Trump op-ed in the New York Times was perhaps unusual for a resident of the swamp, which has been so hyper this week: I chuckled, rolled my eyes, and didn’t even make it to the end of the article before losing interest”

Dinosaur media“It probably helps that I spent the week in Colorado and Utah, where seemingly no one cares. In the conversations in which I have participated or overheard, this subject has come up zero times. Muted televisions in airports and hotel lounges, which still carry CNN and its angry commentators out of habit, are blissfully ignored as life happens”

“Most people outside the swamp either know what the media is up to or just don’t care anymore”

“They have failed again to learn the lesson that was so easy to conclude from the 2016 election and Trump’s steady popularity levels since then. That lesson is that the media and the commentariat no longer determine public opinion”

“It just doesn’t matter anymore”

To Read The Entire Artice By Christian Whiton (CLICK HERE)


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