We’ve All Been Played

As the drone of the never ending ‘Buzz-Saw’ of our hetic lives gets ever louder and louder, it becomes ever more important to ask the overriding question; Are Our Thoughts Our Own Thoughts, borne out of our own experiences, or are they Someone Else’s thoughts put into our minds to establish a belief system that serves someone else’s agenda? Ask yourself, is all the ‘Turmoil’ that has caused people to be at each other’s throats day in and day out the a random occurrence, or has the level of ‘Turmoil’ been promulgated By Design?

We need to seriously question ‘Where Are Thoughts Are Coming From’.

The compartmentalization of literally ‘Everything’ contributes to a fractured and confused state of mind. When essentially everybody wants the same thing ‘Freedom’, why is there so much finger pointing and hostility going on in the world. People have been programmed to only identify and support other people with the same belief systems as their own. Anything which is a bit different is immediately cast out as Wrong, a Threat, or worse. A compartmentalized response to a compartmentalized system.

How can we claim to have Knowledge about something that we’ve never personally experienced? Hearing about it in the media is no basis for forming a belief system. If you haven’t been to the Jungle, how can you write about the Jungle? All of the animosity, social and class division that is creating so much stress among everyone is all ‘Manufactured’ to achieve exactly what we’re seeing, ‘Explosive Tension’ between the people. We need to Stop Complying with our own enslavement!

Kids bond more with Television than they do with their parents. If your experience comes from a Flat Screen, and not from being out experiencing ‘Life’, consciousness will never be achieved. You end up following a ‘Belief System’ that has been super-imposed upon you to create the agenda of those behind the super imposed system. Here are some thoughts from an insightful video by Max Igan:

“We need to view the world through our own eyes, rather than the pair of glasses we’ve been given to view things through”.

“Have you got a question whether this is really your belief system, or is it somebody else’s thoughts and somebody else’s beliefs system”

“The social justice warriors, and political correctness is a result of programming, it is very often the result of people adopting other people‘s belief systems and accepting other peoples thoughts as being my own”

We encourage you to listen to the entire message from Max Igan (CLICK HERE)


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