“We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”

DOROTHY'S RED SLIPPERS 2If you’re like most hard working American’s you know ‘something ain’t right’. Perhaps we are now in OZ? One thing for sure, it’s hard to get your bearings. You can feel it in your gut, we’re numb from the blitzkrieg of news stories that bombard us 24/7 describing events and circumstances that are more like a fictional Dystopian Sci-Fi flick than anything we know and understand.

The Trillions keep piling up, but we have to ask ‘What Do We The People’ really have To Show For it? Are you aware that according to the U.S. Treasury Dept., the Govt. has collected approximately $18,764,164,000,000 in tax revenues since 2009. Hold on to your seats, this information overwhelms with disbelief (that’s $18.7 Trillion with a “T”).

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics that equals approximately $124,003 for each of the 151,320,000 persons who , had either a full- or part-time job during March 2016. And the real ‘Kicker’ is the total debt of the federal government increased from $10,632,005,246,736.97 in 2009 to $19,264,938,619,643.07, according to the Treasury.

DEBT & TAX INCREASE GRAPH That is an increase in the debt of $8,632,933,372,906.10—or approximately $57,051 for each of the 151,320,000 people with jobs as of March. And the Super Depressing Fact is that even after all of the astronomical tax collecting the Govt. has a current budget shortfall of HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF $$$’S.

We’re not going to get into the argument of HOW this situation came to be, or how this situation could possibly by managed and defused. But one thing is painfully obvious. Actual CHANGE is needed to this routine, not just slogans and signs. The ‘status quo’ is only going to perpetuate our national destruction, and accelerate our path to ‘Serfdom’. We need JOBS, we need to make things here in the USA, we need Leadership plain and simple. Higher taxation only leads to higher spending, which only leads us back to higher taxation and higher deficits, etc. Vote for politicians that support lower taxation, job growth and production here inside the USA. It’s now or never!

To read this entire informative article by Terence P. Jeffrey (CLICK HERE)


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