And we can do it again!

I get all choked up this time of year, thinking about the wonderful opportunities we all have as citizens of this great freedom loving country. Our freedoms that we take for granted each day as we all know were not offered to us.

They had to be taken from those that would prefer that we didn’t have them. And when we look at what’s going on around us, seems like bit by bit our freedoms are being taken back away from us in ways we’ve never imagined.

I never thought I would read a news article about a 90 year old grandmother traveling via airline, who had to bear the indignity of taking her adult diaper off for inspection to get on an airplane.
This story is so wrong in so many ways. Seems like we’re all living in some weird movie that just doesn’t seem to end.

With July 4th upon us, let’s all rejoice in the fact that we still do live in freedom. We can “Turn It All Around”; it’s really up to us how things go now isn’t it.


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