War On Free Speech

AmericanaIt’s said that ‘Those That Live Like Sheep Will Be Eaten By Wolves’. In case you haven’t been paying attention, our most valuable asset here in the USA is FREE SPEECH and it’s under attack in ways that we never imagined possible, everything is ‘Inverted’. It is very important to remember that Unpopular Speech is what is protected by our Freedom Of Speech Laws, Popular Speech (and opinions) by definition does not require any such protections. You can’t protect Free Speech by restricting peoples right to speak.

So when the ‘Social Justice Warriors’ hear people talking about things they don’t agree with it’s not about rioting, beating people up, and destroying private or public property to stop someone else from saying what they have to say. Step back, and let them speak, if you don’t like it do something else with your valuable time. The battle over Free Speech has been positioned ‘Front and Center’ here in America by all the Bad behavior over folks just trying to speak their minds. From ‘safe spaces on college campuses, to the ‘Deplorables’ and the continuous mayhem to prevent free speech on college campuses.

Speak The TruthFor those who have been ‘awake’ to the clamp down on free speech, it is vital to continue the struggle, and also help those ‘new-comers’ that are just now waking up to the treat, so that they will not feel ‘alone’ in their realization.

It is amazing that public speakers have to be escorted to the podiums by armed guards in America where ‘Freedom Of Speech’ is at the top of the list in the country’s founding documents (ie: the 1st Amendment to the Constitution). This quote from George Washington says it all “If The Freedom Of Speech Is Taken Away, Then Dumb And Silent We May Be Led, Like Sheep To The Slaughter” George Washington

Dave Rubin states in his video ‘Rubin Report’ after being involved at a panel forum at UCLA on the topic of free speech; “how starved young people are, for honest conversation about difficult topics, but also how to have their voices heard without the fear of being called; bigot, racist, and the other usual buzz words”

“A university in northern California which was literally burning because rioters decided that their moral obligation to destroy public property, stopping someone from simply speaking was more important than other people’s right to simply engage in freedom of expression”

Wolves at the doorTo listen and watch Dave Rubin’s short video post discussing this whole issue (CLICK HERE)

‘If someone throws a stone at you, throwback a piece of bread at him’, and above all, let him speak. If you don’t agree with what’s being said ‘Don’t Listen’. But never deny them their right to free expression.


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