Vote For Politicians That Support Lower Taxation

AmericanaBoth National Political Parties are putting their conventions together, and building their ‘platforms’ to present to the voting public regarding their positions on the major issues. At the top of our list, that means the topic of ‘Taxation’.

A recent article by Scott Greenberg is very informative on the subject of summarizing the position of the DNC regarding the topic of Taxation. “Say It Isn’t So”, I guess would be our reaction what we’re reading is coming together at the DNC. Election 2016 news Here are some quotes from the article by Scott Greenberg;

“The 2016 Democratic platform adopts Sanders’ and Clinton’s approach, and commits to raising taxes on U.S. businesses. This is a major policy shift for the Democratic Party: as recently as 2012, the party platform promised “to reform the corporate tax code to lower tax rates for companies in the United States.”

“This is a somewhat unusual position in the tax policy world; for instance, President Obama has repeatedly called for “revenue-neutral business tax reform” – a set of tax changes that would not raise any additional revenue.”

“Interestingly, this year’s Democratic platform does not specifically call for higher taxes on anyone besides “millionaires and billionaires.” To contrast, Clinton’s tax plan would raise taxes on households making above $250,000, and Sanders’ tax plan would raise taxes on taxpayers at every income level.”

DNC Tax Policy Truth be told, the Nation is not suffering from lack of “Revenue Collection” (taxes). In fact 2016 has seen absolutely astonomical tax collections, breaking all records, taking in MORE THAN EVER BEFORE. The real problem is the spending and crony capitalism, the waste, and the inefficiency of our bloated bureaucracy. Politicians would far better serve the tax paying pubic by working on those issues, rather than scheming to install more taxation onto the public.

If you think for one minute that “taxing the rich” and “taxing the corporations” is not going to affect the average American, ‘THINK AGAIN’. Higher costs of doing business (tax increases) will always be passed along to all of us consumers in the form of higher prices. It’s a joke to say that raising taxes on “The Rich”, is going to benefit the middle class.

We are ‘Taxed Enough Already’ in case you haven’t noticed.

To read the entire article by Scott Greenberg (CLICK HERE)


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