I have to admit, the message of this story is down right DISTURBING. It’s heart wrenching enough to see homeless folks (and their children) out on the streets period. Last summer we had the opportunity to go to skid row in downtown Los Angeles with Paul Ben, and his mission to help feed the homeless. CLICK HERE to read that Blog Post To watch Paul and his supporters work so hard to help people in need was in a word, inspiring!


Now to be reading stories of cities that are adopting ordinances that make feeding people in need A CRIME! What’s up with that? Seems to me that the priorities have gotten all out of whack. I recently read that the City of Los Angeles is going to open up FACILITIES to house the homeless found on the streets. The twist it was disclosed, is that once a homeless person is brought to the FACILITY by the roving homeless seeking police units, “they cannot leave” (for their own good of course).

No doubt this is a complex situation, no easy answers for sure. But, WE CAN DO BETTER about this. The government HAS TRILLIONS of dollars to spend to blow people up all around the world.

HOMELESS IN TRASH How is it that jobs, housing, food, education, and other building blocks of prosperity are not as important here at home? Of course the elite career politicians will say that they’ve promoted and funded all manner of social programs to help the underclass. Yet, the underclass keeps growing, and the homeless numbers also keep growing. Let’s face it most homeowners and renters are only a few missed monthly payments away themselves from joining the homeless ranks, and picking their spot out on the street.

And another thing, how many of the national homeless population are VETERANS? Sadly, the percentage of Vets as the total of the homeless in America is a STAGGERING 33% (some other studies estimate it to be as high as 36%). Truly shameful, no other words can describe this.


Here are some quotes from this informative article by David Usborne:

“It’s partly about the dollar but it’s also about the elitist mindset,” says Jeff Weinberger of the Broward Homeless Campaign. “They don’t want anything to upset their fantasy of a perfect existence.”

The homeless are an embarrassment for the town, said Arnold Abbott, a 90-year-old former police chief from Pennsylvania and director of Love Thy Neighbour, an organisation that has been feeding homeless here for over 20 years. Five times the city has tried and failed in court to stop him serving meals each Wednesday on the beach beneath the tourist strip.

The town, he said, really wants the homeless to go away. “They would like to put them in a bus and send them to Miami or Palm Beach. It’s very close to ethnic cleansing. But they are not going to succeed.”

“They want to drive us out of town every which way they can,” says Jimmy Singleton, 59, a one-time New York hairdresser now on his uppers. “They would like us to die.


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