Two Wings Of The Same Bird

Have you noticed that regardless of the words and rhetoric that are spoken by Politicians from each of the 2 Major political parties in the USA (Repubs and Dems), that the underlying issues that ‘matter’ really don’t change direction regardless of which of the 2 parties has control of the branches of government.

That’s not to say that there are not differences of some policy, but if you look closely at the really ‘Big’ issues, things don’t seem to change much even though one of the 2 parties gets ‘Control’ over the other party, etc.  Consider these issues as examples of this ‘Truth’; Federal Budget Spending Deficits, Never Ending State Of War, Ever Growing Surveillance & Police State, Expanding Wealth Gap (between Oligarchs and average citizens), Abortion Funding, Crony Capitalism, Immigration, (list goes on).

Obviously certain ‘favored’ policies of one side or the other get pushed to the top by the Political Party that has the most numbers at any particular moment, but if you look closely at the ‘major’ agendas over the past many years, it’s full steam ahead for the ‘Major’ agendas even though there has been several shifts in control between the 2 Major Political Parties.

Here are some quotes from a recent post by David Icke regarding this subject;

“You have this one party state, nothing to do with left and right nothing to do with labels like neocon and progressive, it’s whether you are in favor of more American wars of acquisition”

“Being against war in American politics is not a great career mode”

“So many politicians in general they use people and their situations not out of justice and compassion and fairness but they use them for political lens”

“It’s unbelievable what’s happened, because politics has generated into such a cesspit with more and more politicians being sucked into this cesspit”

“People like Tulsi Gabbard who want to stand up for what’s right in terms of military imposition on other countries, she is demonized (by her own democratic party), and this is the inversion that is so clear to see more and more and more”

To Listen To The Entire Post By David Icke (CLICK HERE)


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