Truth Or Dare

Pinocchio's NoseIt has become ‘painfully’ obvious that actual Truth has become like ‘anti matter’, it is kryptonite to the embedded ‘house of cards’ propaganda system that controls our daily lives, our financial stability, and our social values. This is how ‘Fake News’ become the norm. “You Can’t Handle The Truth”, the famous line from the film ‘A Few Good Men’, has never been more appropriate.

What does it say about a society that has reached a point where telling, conveying, and living by the Truth will cause the fabric of the nation to fall apart. The only way the ‘status quo’ can be maintained is by misleading, omitting and misrepresenting the Truth to it’s citizens. When ‘Fake News’ propaganda becomes the prevailing method of describing the reality of our times. Seems to us that a society that has reached this climax in it’s progression has already fallen into the abyss and just hasen’t hit the cold hard rocks below. Even though we’re natural optimists, it’s difficult to imagine how we will avoid the rocks at the bottom of our free fall, in the absence of ‘divine intervention’.

This sobering point of view is underscored by a recent article by Charles Hugh Smith. Here are some quotes from his article;

When We Can No Longer Tell the Truth…

“Lies, half-truths and cover-ups are all manifestations of fatal weakness. This core dynamic of dysfunction is scale-invariant, meaning that hiding the truth is the core dynamic in dysfunctional relationships, households, communities, enterprises, cities, corporations, states, alliances, nations and empires: when the truth cannot be told because it threatens the power structure of the status quo, that status quo is doomed”

“Truth is power, lies are weakness. All we get now are lies, statistics designed to mislead and phony reassurances that the status quo is stable and permanent. The truth is powerful because it is the core dynamic of solving problems. Lies, gamed statistics and false reassurances are fatal because they doom any sincere efforts to fix what’s broken before the system reaches the point of no return. We are already past the point of no return. The expediency of lies has already doomed us”

“Honest accounts of hugely successful corporations that implode share one key trait: in every case, managers were pressured to hide the truth from top management, which then hid the truth from investors and clients”

“This is the key dynamic in failed oligarchies as well: if telling the truth gets you sent to Siberia (or worse), then nobody with any instinct for self-preservation will tell the truth” Lying Liars

To read the entire artical by Charles Hugh Smith (CLICK HERE)


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