Tribe Against Tribe

Protests Don’t think for one single moment that all of the ‘division’, ‘ethnic tension’, and ‘political bitch-moaning’ that rolls out into our streets and headlines each day is not By-Design. In fact it is right out of the same ‘aged’ playbook that the Few use to Control the Many. It is the Hegelian Dialectic in living color; “Create or engineer a Problem, that will produce a REACTION/SOLUTION (that can be influenced in the desired direction), and then provide the “desired” Solution to the problem.

The ‘Controllers’ want the mass population to be in a ‘constant’ state of chaos and fear. The last thing they want is a mass population united towards a unified goal. What would they do if the mass population united against their monopolistic cronyism. The mass population is much easier to control if it is divided into ‘tribes’ with competing agendas that evolve into a protracted state of chaos.

And in case you haven’t noticed the Surveillance/Police State is the controlled solution, “To Keep Us Safe” from the chaos & violence.

Here are some quotes from a recent article by ‘That’s never worked in world history’ regarding this topic;

“Chaos on campus heralds ‘tribal warfare’ in America

AmericanaSecession. Politically motivated violence. Republicans and Democrats trading accusations of treason. And the “deep state” attempting a coup against the democratically elected commander-in-chief.

America is unstable, divided and on the brink of tribal conflict. And it’s all starting on college campuses”

“People who are coming out, who are the demonstrators and who are the loudest activists aren’t just some extreme fringe,” he warned. “These could very well be the leaders of tomorrow. These could be senators, congressmen, judges and possibly even attorneys generals like Eric Holder, who himself, in the 1960s, was a protest leader. Look how that worked out. Imagine someone who is now shouting about how Yale University is full of systematic racism becoming the U.S. attorney general 30 years from now


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