This Is Not The NBA Playoffs

Tax SlaveThe NBA Playoff games bring us excitement and entertainment. When we watch the politicians who ‘represent’ the people of the nation in government pass the ball back and forth, it appears to be similiar to the NBA Playoffs, only the winner of the game they play is seldom ‘We The People’.

The last posting of the topic “No Matter How Much They Take It’s Never Enough” had numbers through December 2015. This latest installment from Terence P. Jeffrey brings us up to date as of April 2016. Unfortunately, ‘The Song Remains The Same’.

As this story continues, it bears out that we’re trapped on a run away train, hemorrhaging astronomical numbers, with NO intentions of changing course. The numbers show that ‘higher tax revenue’ is NOT the answer to balancing the budget. Here are some quotes from the latest installment by Terence P. Jeffrey;

“The U.S. Treasury raked in a record of approximately $1,914,651,000,000 in tax revenues in the first seven months of fiscal 2016 (Oct. 1, 2015 through April 30, 2016), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.

That is up about $14,151,330,000–in constant 2016 dollars Federal Budget Deficit from the approximately $1,900,499,670,000 in constant 2016 dollars the Treasury collected in the first seven months of fiscal 2015.

Despite collecting record revenues over the span of the first seven months of fiscal 2016, the federal government still ran a deficit of $354,592,000,000 during the period–as federal government spent $2,269,242,000,000 in those seven months.

The record seven-month tax haul of $1,914,651,000,000 equaled approximately $12,679 for each of the 151,004,000 people in the country who, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, had either a full or part-time job in April.”

I don’t know about you, but we’re baffled as to how this situation perpetuates. Record breaking Multi Trillion Dollar tax collections, and still the Govt runs Multi Hundred Billion deficits. This nation cries for Leadership; “Heaven Help Us All”.

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