The Shape Of Things To Come

It’s not easy to make sense out of all the craziness that we see around us, and observe in the news. In a word it seems as if the world has gone ‘Mad’. Hard to get our arms around anything that truly grounds us and gives us confidence. It seems like the goal of the ‘controllers’ pulling the levers from behind the curtain is to use ‘gradualism’ to slowly grind us into dust, and convince everyone that things are the opposite of the way things actually are (Inversion). It seems that everything that we hold dear is being shattered to pieces incrementally and systematically.

Initiatives such as socialized healthcare; minimum wage; eugenics; perceived social justice agendas are all working to create an entire society of Victims. Victimization is the control method of choice. Get the people thinking that everybody is a victim of something, and thus we need government to solve our problems, with a new law to enforce the issue.

For those that are ‘paying attention’ and are looking for Truth in the midst of all the swirling lies, mis-information, and Fake News, we offer this to help put things into perspective; In a recent article by James Manning, he posts a video of Michael O’Fallon talking about the purposed gradual strategic timeline of the progressive movement.

Brave New WorldDo Yourself a favor and (WATCH THIS) to help put things into perspective of how the ‘Brave New World’ is manifesting around us.


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