The ‘S’ Curve – A Reality Check

It is undeniable that everything has a ‘Lifecycle’, including States and Empires.  History confirms this with so many examples of past Empires that ruled the world, and then lost their grip on power at the end of their individual cycles. These cycles can last from decades, to centuries, to millennia. But each and every Empire has a beginning, an expansion, and ultimately a collapse.

In modern times everything moves at a much faster pace than societies moved in the past, so the cycle of Empires from beginning to collapse is much shorter and more condensed than the Empires of old. People living in ‘real time’ have a much harder time seeing the cycle play out than historians do looking back on past Empires with the advantage of a historical perspective.  However, those that are ‘paying attention’ to what is going on in ‘real time’ in America can’t help but notice the patterns, and can ‘Connect The Dots’.  But of course the ‘El-ites’ in control do not want the ‘Truth’ of how fragile their ‘State of Control’ is, so they do everything in their power to surpress the ‘Truth’ from going mainstream.

This description of a cyclical benchmark tells us exactly where we are in ‘real time’ in our own cycle;

“Financial trickery is seen as the ‘fix’. To meet all the promises made in the high-growth era, the currency is debouched by over issuance and debt”. Does the term ‘quantitative easing’ ring any bells?

Such is the case in a recent article published by Of Two Here are some quotes from this highly observant article;

“The entire global status quo is on the cusp of the S-Curve decline phase. Hence the vulnerability to disruption of its official narratives and the panicky paranoia of its handlers”

“In the immortal words of Jean-Claude Juncker, when it becomes serious you have to lie, and it’s now serious all the time”

The single most damaging revelation to all the elaborate lies that make up official narratives is the truth revealed in official emails, documents and conversations. This is why virtually every document and correspondence is now “classified,” so anyone releasing even a mundane scrap can be sentenced to rot in federal prison”

There is really only one unforgivable sin in the political realm, and that’s destroying the official narrative by revealing the facts of the matter. This is why whistleblowers who make public the secret machinery of the elaborately artful lies underpinning all official narratives are hounded to the ends of the Earth”

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