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Love Music Escape from Jurisdiction B from Soles of Passion features a nice mix of influences. With each track, the duo of Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow challenges the listener, with the constant changing of styles from one track to the next.

Steven Wolfe and Myla Snow combine talents to form the band Soles of Passion. The Los Angeles-based duo takes several different styles of music to bring their songs to life. Depending on the track, the band may focus on different style of music. Some track focus on the Rock side of the band’s personality. Sometimes it’s the Country side that is brought to life. But either way, the duo creates music that is very accessible. Together, Wolfe and Snow have created several releases under their moniker of Soles of Passion. The latest release to be put out by the duo is entitled Escape from Jurisdiction B. Soles Of Passion Soles Of Passion wish to thank Matheson Kaminses and ‘The Rock and Roll Report’ for their support!

Freedom From Tyranny


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