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Creation “The Efficiency Of God May Be Understood As Either Creation Or Providence” William Ames. The brilliant minds of man have their limitations, but man’s ‘ego’ and overwhelming drive to ‘be in control’ always leads to a conclusion that ‘should not, can not be’ (based on logic) and analysis.

Such is the case here, about the applied scientific astrophysics analysis about how our universe ‘should not exist’. But it does exist, and the fact that it does defies the logic and the scientific library of accumulated analysis over the centuries up until now. Most of us are not astrophysicists, or an emperical scientific data analyst. And yet we know the ‘spark of life’ comes from the devine. We don’t need to constantly question if our ‘gut’ feeling about creation is confirmed by ‘the facts’. Just look around at all the splendor, and magnificent integration of the way everything works together.

Nustar Hand Of God But, there are those who ‘must’ have emperical facts and concrete evidience that creation is not ‘devine’ or the result of any such ideas, etc. Which brings us to the article by Kit Daniels, which opens with; “CERN researchers are baffled at how matter thrived in the early universe when it should have been destroyed by antimatter, a discovery which evokes a theory that the universe is controlled by a mysterious realm lying outside space and time”

“But they found that, despite the breakthrough, there wasn’t a difference between the two, meaning that matter and antimatter should have destroyed each other eons ago, preventing the universe from even existing. Yet obviously that’s not what happened”

“Perhaps the physical laws of the universe are steered by something – or someone – outside the universe; in other words, the universe isn’t the “base reality” but is rather one level of existence contained in another superstructure unknown to man. This is closely related the viewpoint of late French physicist Bernard d’Espagnat, who once theorized that science offers only a “veiled” view of an underlying reality which science cannot access”

Yes, perhaps the universe is steered by ‘something else’!

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