The Great Divide

Americana One thing for sure, we’re living through historic times, a roller coaster ride that’s anything but ‘boring’. A nation divided it seems on so many levels. The nation has 95+ Million people not working, and a 20 Trillion Dollar debt. Truly amazing how different people can read and watch the same thing and perceive it in exact opposite ways. And yet, every household wants and needs the same things; prospertity, health, security, and above all ‘Freedom’.

Mr. John W. Whitehead has summed up the situation very articulatly when he wrote, “Will you tune out the reality TV show and join with your fellow citizens to push back against the real menace of the police state, or will you merely sit back and lose yourself in the political programming aimed at keeping you imprisoned in the police state?”

He goes on to say “When all is said and done, it won’t matter who you voted for in the presidential election. What will matter is where you stand in the face of the injustices that continue to ravage our nation: the endless wars, the police shootings, the overcriminalization, the corruption, the graft, the roadside strip searches, the private prisons, the surveillance state, etc.” (all of which have become ’embedded’ in the USA way before the 2016 election).

2016 VoteWe couldn’t agree more with Mr. Witehead’s words here. We the people have ‘big problems’ to overcome. We are “Surrounded” on every level. And we hope and pray that true “Leadership” has taken the reins of power, that will further the cause of ‘Freedom’, and reverse the damage that has been done to this nation over the past couple of decades. We can afford it no more.

Here are a few more quotes from Mr. Whitehead’s inspired article;

“Martin Luther King Jr. understood that politics could never be the answer to what ailed the country. He marched against injustice, government corruption, war, and inequality, and he leveraged discontent with the status quo into an activist movement that transformed the face of America”

“Ultimately, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, the reality shows, the entertainment news, the surveillance society, the militarized police, and the political spectacles have one common objective: to keep us divided, distracted, imprisoned, and incapable of taking an active role in the business of self-government”

“If “we the people” feel powerless and apathetic, it is only because we have allowed ourselves to be convinced that the duties of citizenship begin and end at the ballot box”

To read Mr. Whitehead’s entire article (CLICK HERE)


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