The False Allure Of Socialism

Socialism's false hopeLet’s face it, the 1% have set such ‘Bad Examples’ of Greed and Cronyism, that it’s no wonder folks are looking for a ‘New Way To Live’. Who can blame them, the system is ‘rigged’ by the ‘El-lites’ as evidenced by the recent news that 82% of the world’s wealth made in the past year went to the 1% (CLICK HERE) Pretty disheartening to everyone trying to get a leg up into prosperity.

Some politicians observing the discord and frustration that this ‘reality’ creates especially on young people and the ‘underclass’ populations Play to the frustration. Making all sorts of promises and representations about how a Socialist society is the answer to the “Wealth Gap”. How did the 1% manage to garner 82% of the wealth in the past year? The answer is ‘Control’. How much more Control do you think the ‘El-lites’ will have over us if everything is brought into a Central Collective, industry is taken over by the State. Where nobody but the 1% has any personal wealth to speak of, and citizens don’t have any private ownership of potentially appreciating assets? Where all commerce is controlled by the State, and nobody has the ability to start their own business? Where nobody has the opportunity to climb the ‘Ladder of Prosperity’ becasue there is no ladder anymore?

All of this is brought into sharp focus by a recent article by Greg Corombos titled ‘Socialism’s Popularity In U.S. More Than Century In Making’ Here are some quotes from the article;

Equal sharing of misery“A new Gallup poll shows a majority of Democrats are favorable towards socialism and their opinion of capitalism is quickly souring, a trend that one respected expert chalks up to the political rise of Sen. Bernie Sanders and a full century of education steering America’s youth to appreciate a system that has failed everywhere it’s been tried”

““This is really the result of about one century of progressive politics in education, going all the way back to Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt through President Franklin D. Roosevelt to [Lyndon B. Johnson], culminating with Mr. Obama and his Obamacare. “All of those are marks of socialism and progressive belief that the government knows better than the average American what to do with his life,” said Edwards, who is also chairman of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation”

“Edwards points out that socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried, from the Soviet Union to China to Cuba, and resulted in mass repression or even mass murder by the tens of millions. Still, he says the allure of getting something for nothing is very strong”

“They think it’s a free lunch. Remember our friend Milton Friedman used to say there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But those people, young millennials particularly, think they can get not only a free lunch and a free breakfast, a free dinner, free education and maybe a job guaranteed,” said Edwards. He says young people trying to navigate adulthood are especially susceptible”

“Denmark and Sweden, which are always held up as examples by the socialists in this country are not socialist. Yes, they have high taxes, but both of them are on the record as saying, ‘We believe in private ownership of major industries and we are not socialist.’ Recently, the prime minister of Denmark said that here in Washington, D.C.,” said Edwards”

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