Technocracy Rising

AmericanaThis movement went public in 1933 during the Franklin D. Roosevelt era (eighty sum years ago), publishing it’s agenda and vision for the future in ‘The Technocrats Magazine’. Amazing how long this ‘vision’ of our world has been in incubation. Spawned by the ‘Global Elite’ the agenda has been a slow step by step process that appears to be manifesting along the lines of the original visionaries.

Inch by inch societies around the planet are starting to put into place and implement concepts and social order that conforms to the ‘Technocratic Vision’ of how to CONTROL the masses. The accelerator to this end seems to be the quantum jump in technology from ‘analog’ to ‘digital’. All mass media down to each and every one of the ‘gizmos’ we use on a daily basis have all become digitized. There appears to be NO going back now, the yoke is out of the shell, and there’s no putting it back in the way it was before the ‘digital’ crack let it out.

In a recent article by Millie Weaver where she interviews author Patrick Wood, Mr. Wood makes the following statements about this subject;

Technocrats“Technocracy is the end goal of the Global Elite, Technocracy started out in 1932 at Columbia University. Their mindset is they don’t need public approval for what science says they should do. Somebody else would be running your life for you, like they know better than you, and you’ve got no say about it. You can go here, go there, you can’t go here, you have to ride a bicycle to work three days a week or whatever “

“A scientific dictatorship that puts kind of an invisible manacle around your neck that will control you, control your behavior control your choices and those things are set by policy, by algorithms” (how many movies have we seen that follow this theme of ‘the future’ over the past many years?).

“The State of Oregon is going to institute a GPS device for automobiles that will track your mileage everywhere you drive, they intend to send you a customized gas tax bill, a road tax bill. Their idea is to take your carbon footprint, which is derived about you. Things you’ve purchased, how big is your house, what kind of cars you own; they want to take that data and further customize your tax bill”

Robots And the disturbing thing is that so many people will just willingly ‘jump’ into this fire with no apparent hesitation, as demonstrated by this fellow’s comments in the interview video, he states; “Somewhere along the line I ended up getting a micro-chip inside my hand, I’ll see if I can be the first person in the world to pay for something out in the real world with a chip out of the stream of futuristic technology”

“This is an examples of the fourth industrial revolution, ‘The Internet Of Things’, it concerns artificial intelligence, concerns robotics, and is expected that within 10 years will displace up to 50% all the workers in the world. There’s no competition anymore and this is Industry after industry. Where is the opportunity for a little guy?”

With the coming roll out of ‘SexBots’ and VR sex technology, the subjugation of humanity is going to be a cake walk for those behind the Technocracy. Heaven Help Us All!


To watch the source video interview (CLICK HERE)


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