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Corporate Feudalism

Life in our modern era is so rich with splendor and innovation. But when you look under the hood you

May 13, 2019
The ‘S’ Curve – A Reality Check

It is undeniable that everything has a ‘Lifecycle’, including States and Empires.  History confirms this with so many examples of

April 29, 2019
If It Walks Like A Duck…

One of the surefire ‘signs’ that people are living in a ‘State Of Tyranny’ is when those committing the biggest

April 14, 2019
More Than Tax Slaves

As the annual moment approaches where we come face to face with the reality of how much of our ‘Labor

April 1, 2019
Down But Not Out

In the words of Paul Simon we are “Slip Sliding Away”. Trying to keep the American Dream alive is no

March 17, 2019
American Exceptionalism

Is it any wonder that people around the world are willing to risk life and limb to come to the

March 4, 2019
No Way Out

Debt Repudiation – Appears more and more like our only way out of the 22 Trillion Dollar+ debt that’s been

February 17, 2019
Perception Is Everything

Our Perceptions of the world we live in and the way things are is ‘Everything’. Our perceptions are formed by

February 11, 2019
We’ve All Been Played

As the drone of the never ending ‘Buzz-Saw’ of our hetic lives gets ever louder and louder, it becomes ever

February 4, 2019
Follow The Money

We are inundated on a daily basis with stories about the ‘Immigration Crisis’. To Wall or not To Wall, women

January 28, 2019
The 1%’s Bad Examples

Wealth Re-distribution was the ‘Theme Song/Battle Cry’ of the Bolsheviks and those regimes that have carried this banner ever since,

January 14, 2019
Living On The Razor’s Edge

“‘I see no way out’: Living paycheck to paycheck is disturbingly common”. “What do professors, real estate agents, farmers, business

January 7, 2019
SOP On Top 10 Holiday Music Guide

  Soles Of Passion is proud to announce that we’ve been included on this year’s ‘Infamous Top 10 Holiday Music

December 19, 2018
Surveillance Capitalism To Surveillance Tyranny

For those of us that are not living like ‘Jeremiah Johnson’ we have to accept the fact that our daily

September 24, 2018
When Propaganda No Longer Works

There comes a point where people become oversaturated with the Propaganda. People are capable of making their own decisions. The

September 10, 2018
If It’s Free You Are The Product

We have all ‘opted-in” to amazingly efficient ‘Data Mining’ systems that most assuredly most folks were either unaware or indifferent

August 27, 2018
The False Allure Of Socialism

Let’s face it, the 1% have set such ‘Bad Examples’ of Greed and Cronyism, that it’s no wonder folks are

August 20, 2018
Hunger Games Society

Are we really headed to the ‘Hunger Games Society’? Some whould say we’re already there now based on the number

August 6, 2018
Don’t Allow Small Minds To Change History

Only those individuals with ‘Small Minds’ try to force, manipulate and control others to conform to their way of thinking.

July 30, 2018
Soles Of Passion Opening For Legendary Bill Champlin

The Canyon in Santa Clarita, another fantastic gig at this fantastic venue! As was quoted in the Press Release “It’s

July 20, 2018
Crony Capitalism Is Not Capitalism

Few things are more offensive than the corrupt ‘Crony Capitalism’ behind these cases where a Government body pulls the Eminent

July 16, 2018
Celebrate Freedom Not Tyranny

In the era of ‘Inversion’ everything seems upside down. People who stand for Freedom Of Speech are being deemed ‘Terrorist’.

July 2, 2018
Design Vs Chance

The age old tug of war of over ideology and the question; is the universe, life, and creation the result

June 18, 2018
Rome Burns

Rome burns, while the Emperor plays on. We the people are virtually ‘locked out’ of influencing the ‘El-Lite’s’ dollar/debt demise

May 28, 2018
Left Behind

The tale of 2 economies of 2 worlds, one where unemployment is heralded to be the lowest since year 2000,

May 21, 2018
Unlimited Detention

We read about these events, laws, executive orders, etc and it seems like it’s more like a script from some

May 14, 2018
Cow Girl Bling

Soles Of Passion’s ‘Cow Girl Bling’ has been included in the 2nd compilation CD release of ‘Love My Country’. The

May 10, 2018
Little Pink House

“This Here’s A Story Bout You And Me, It’s Not Too Pretty Hard To Believe”. Lyrics from Soles Of Passion’s

May 7, 2018
Control Our Eyes, Our Thoughts They Want

When Soles Of Passion wrote those lyrics in the song ‘Got Me Surrounded’ we knew the Controllers had sinister intentions.

April 23, 2018
Soles Of Passion Live At The Rose – Pasadena, CA

The Rose in Pasadena California ‘Where Music Meets The Soul’. Whomever penned that that catch phrase for the Rose could

April 21, 2018
Money Monster Re-dux

What is it they say about those that did not learn from history; they are ‘doomed to repeat it’. The

April 16, 2018
Where’s The Outrage

$21 Trillion dollars is missing from the US government. That is $65,000 for every person in America. That is more

April 9, 2018
Bottomless Pit

Recently Hip-Hop star Cardi B made the headlines with her frustration about the amount of revenue sharing Uncle Sam was

April 2, 2018
Never Enough

‘No Matter How Much They Take, It’s NEVRR ENOUGH’. This is a theme that’s proven to be relevant time and

March 26, 2018
Borrowed Time

With Tax Season fast approaching, it’s brings into focus just how precarious the financial health of this great nation actually

March 19, 2018
Our Digital Footprint

Sure it comes as no surprise to anybody that we’re all being ‘tracked ad nauseam’ (unless you’ve been living under

March 12, 2018
Swallowed Whole

The disconnect between how most of us working folk view the world, and live our lives, and way the ‘El-lite’

March 5, 2018
The Shape Of Things To Come

It’s not easy to make sense out of all the craziness that we see around us, and observe in the

February 19, 2018
7 Years Later

In the midst of all the Political firestorms this headline shows up; “Seven Years Later Fukushima Radiation Levels Spiking to

February 12, 2018
Big Hearts Vs Small Minds

When we first heard about this story, our initial reaction was “You Must Be Kidding”. How does a charitable act

February 5, 2018
Misplaced Priorities

‘Doomsday Clock’ Now 2 Minutes to Midnight’ – When we first heard that the Doomsday Clock had now been re-set

January 29, 2018
Freedom Lost

If you have any connection or lifestyle to or in ‘rural America’, you know that most of the properties have

January 22, 2018
Perception Control

So, shall we spend this moment together talking about ‘Fluffies, Fuzzies, and What We Did last weekend’, or shall we

January 15, 2018
Choose Hope

Hope or Despair? You would think this would be an easy choice to make. But as we’re inundated with a

January 7, 2018
Mileage Tax – Ultimate Insult

“No Matter How Much They Take It’s Never Enough”. The Bureaucrat’s answer to every problem is always the same ‘Higher

December 18, 2017
We Need An Actual Choice

They say there’s only 1 Party in Washington D.C. ‘The War Party’. An overview of the past many years makes

December 11, 2017
Tip Of The Iceberg

Upfront, SOP is not writing this piece because we’re ‘Anti-Police’. We are on the opposite side of that fence. We

December 4, 2017
10% Chance

In a recent speech Elon Musk ‘warns we only have ‘a 5 to 10% chance’ of preventing killers robots from

November 27, 2017
Spys Like Us

Unlike the comedy spoof with Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd the whole topic of ‘Spying’ has taken on a dimension

November 20, 2017
Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble

This post runs to the ‘Heart’ of Soles Of Passion’s focus on how ‘We The People’ have been Surrounded by

November 13, 2017
Real America Alive And Well

Soles Of Passion get around a lot to both Urban and Rural America. It’s almost like there are two different

November 6, 2017
Draw Listeners In By The Boat Load

NeuFutur Magazine Reviews Soles Of Passion ‘Land Of The Big Blue Sun’; “One can listen to the release multiple times

October 2, 2017
Politically Conscious, Mission Driven, Country-Rock Duo

By The Ark of Music: With distinct country, blues, and rock overtones, Land Of The Big Blue Sun is more

September 24, 2017
Smooth And Folk-Pop Energy

Rebecca Cullen – Land Of The Big Blue Sun. Soles Of Passion are a duo of country-rock songwriters who add

September 19, 2017
Hands Off Our Property

It is said that ‘We Become What We Think’. This principal of manifestation cannot be ignored, as we can see

September 11, 2017
Out Of Balance

Slow motion ‘Si-Fi’ is what life in America is like these days. Every other moment we’re subjected to another ‘discord

September 4, 2017
Soles of Passion – “Land Of The Big Blue Sun”

By Victoria Patterson/Skope – Soles Of Passion is a political country/rock band based out of Los Angeles, California. Their primary

August 27, 2017
Stupidity By Design

To quote the line from the film ‘Forrest Gump’, “Stupid Is, As Stupid Does”. This sentiment is so well conceived,

August 21, 2017
CD Review: Soles of Passion “Land Of The Big Blue Sun”

By Matheson Kamin – The latest release put out by Soles of Passion is a four-song EP. Like with the

August 19, 2017
Good Life = Good Relationships

As we are all ‘bombarded’ on a daily basis with so much negativity, we feel it’s vital to focus on

August 14, 2017
Fools And Ghouls

The American Taxpayers are contineously played for ‘Fool’s by the ‘Ghouls’ that control the purse strings and budgets of the

July 31, 2017
Money Monsters Far And Wide

Control the money and currencies and you ‘Control’ the nation (and the world). We refer to those Oligarchs that Control

July 17, 2017
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