Swallowed By The Tax Monster

holloween At the end of the day you kick back and think about the eb and flow of the daily events, and your accomplishments and your regrets. In the bigger picture at the end of your tenure in this lifetime you will find that moment to kick back and reflect on your accomplishments and your regrets and reflect on what you’ve built up over the course of your lifetime, and take solice and comfort that you’re going to leave something behind for your family’s benefit.

NOT SO FAST, the wealth distributionists in the ‘District Of The Craziods’ have other ideas about your Tax Paid assets that you’ve built up over the course of your life. It may turn out that a lifetime of working hard to build up an estate to pass along to your direct family heirs won’t turn out that way. You may find that you’ve got another primary ‘heir’ to your estate called ‘Uncle Sam’ that inserts himself to the front of line when your estate is divided up among your ‘heirs’. Uncle Sam’s forced insertion to the front of line in the distribution of your estate is of course ‘Involuntary’ and ‘indisputable’. How exactly does this differ from the days of ‘Serfdom’ we’d like to know. The days when everything the ‘Serf’ possessed reverted back to his ‘Lord’ upon the Serf’s passing.

The chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee told Breitbart News that he is committed to abolish permanently the federal tax on the property of the deceased, or the ‘Death Tax.’ (May the Force Be With You Mr. Brady!) Americana To really get the point of all this, here are some quotes from an article written by Neil W. McCabe;

“It’s just wrong to work your whole life to build up a nest egg, build your own business–you pass away and Uncle Sam can swoop in and take away nearly half of everything you’ve earned,” because of the ‘Death Tax,’ said Rep. Kevin P. Brady (R.-Texas). “Can you imagine that? Having to sell off most of your land, just to keep it from the government, just to save the house,” he said. “There are two new major threats to family-owned farms and businesses right now,”

“Number one is Hillary Clinton’s proposal to raise the death tax rate to 65 percent, which would be the highest rate since the 1980s,” he said. “At that point, you’re confiscating property and land and businesses,”

“The other threat is the Obama administration’s Treasury Department rules that came put in August.” The new rules, called “valuation rules,” impose higher tax liabilities onto families trying to pass their businesses to family members, he said. It is as if the IRS decided to raise taxes on its own,”

“The idea the family would have to exhaust its life insurance and then go into debt, just to keep its business going after paying off the death tax, he said, is “un-American, immoral and wrong”


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