Surveillance Is Not Freedom

Deep StateRon Paul conducted an interview with Edward Snowden on the ‘Ron Paul Liberty Report’. The questions asked by Dr. Paul and his C0-Host, and the answers given by Mr. Snowden underscore the FACT that we are all totally ‘Surrounded’ by the Surveillance Grid put into place over the past decades. This of course is not ‘news’ to anyone paying attention, but it’s always great to hear it from the ‘horse’s mouth’ as they say.

The depth of the surveillance that each and every one of us is subject to 24/7 365, and the expenses to the tax payers associated with all of that, raises far too many questions to be addressed here. Especially with the revelation (brought out in the interview), that there has not been ‘any’ Terrorist event squashed by all of the data collection. Which leads one to ask ‘why’ all of the taxpayer’s labor energy is spent collecting all this data on each and every one of us?

Ron PaulThe only logical conclusion that can be drawn is that this entire ‘effort’ is not about ‘protecting’ the public from the Bogyman, but is ‘Orwellian’ in it’s genesis, implementation, and expansion.

There are so many noteworthy details discussed in this interview that it makes more sense to just Watch this interview.

So To Watch The Entire Interview (CLICK HERE)

To Watch A 2nd Part II Of The Interview (CLICK HERE)


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