Standing Rock It’s About Freedom

Great Sioux Nation It’s as if we’re living in a time warp. This story is a present day version of the mammoth struggle our Native Americans endured in the 1800’s at the hands of the ever so ruthless and greedy; hell bent on gettomg what they want regardless of the negotiated and executed treaties signed into law by the highest officals of the US government.

It’s the Sioux Nation’s land, why is there any dispute about what these tribes want going on with their lands? The tribes are ‘re-living’ the nightmares of the past here right now in real time over this dispute at ‘Standing-Rock’. Only this time other citizens that share this beloved nation with the Native American tribes are much more aware of the wrongs, and people (including thousands of US Veterans) are rallying to the side of the Indians to support them in their resistance to the this whole pipeline mess.

Granted, we need energy independence from the middle-east, nobody would deny that. But if these tribes do not want this going on with ‘Their Land’, then that should be the end of it period. Find another way to deal with the pipeline.

In a recent article by By Alex Garland, he interview several Indian residents to get their opinions about all of this, here are a few quotes from Alex’s article;

Defend The Sacred“It’s poison. It’s our health, it’s our way of life. We’re standing for future generations. This land that we stand on and the things that we do, gives us life. This is what keeps us alive. We are made of it, and we can’t live without it and yet we continue to move forward in a way where we’re disregarding that fact”

“I know there’s going to be a lot of lawsuits, a lot of things they’re going to look deeper into, like breaking the treaties. There’s going to be a lot of things occurring against the government from the Great Sioux Nation and the Seven Council Fires. There are lawsuits pending right now. I think we might try to do something to combat against it. I’ve heard suggestions of, if this is going to go through, then why not make it so that the Lakota and every other indigenous people have some part of ownership in the pipeline. So that we know it’s safe, so we know everything about it is safe and we won’t have a spill in that water.

I think that’s something we need to look into a lot deeper. They’ve committed a lot of acts of war against us, and it’s ridiculous to know that they are still continuing on with all these treaties. It’s wrong in every aspect. It’s troubling to know from our side that the government is backing DAPL. They said stop working, they’re still working. It’s not right for them to go and desecrate our people”



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