Soles Of Passion Speak Up For The American People With ‘Say I Will’

New Music By Lisa Hafey: There’s no doubt about it, the upcoming US Presidential Elections are having a worldwide impact on most areas of our lives, and music is no exception. Progressive country/rock band, Soles Of Passion, comprises Myla Snow and Steven Wolfe, who create country music about America, putting it in context with the socioeconomic climate of the country.

Their latest track, ‘Say I Will’, is accompanied by possibly their most ambitious video, with the song sending an important message that no matter who wins the election, it’s the job of American citizens to ensure the elected politicians always do the right thing, and stick to their promises. Americana Soles Of Passion perform electrifying political rock songs, with a passion that is hard to duplicate. Apart from their music (previous releases include ‘Tax Slave’, and ‘Got Me Surrounded’, both of which sympathise with Americans who have suffered economic hardships in the recession and faced foreclosure), the duo founded the Freedom Assistance Foundation (FAF), in order to help people who have lost or are in the process of losing their homes to take action and fight back.

The video is a very beautiful project, featuring a time-lapse view of an animator, illustrating many of the causes that Soles Of Passion support, such as the corrupt financial world, chronic homelessness, and violence against minorities. The themes are real and troubling, but in the end the message is that love will conquer all – if we merely ‘Say I Will’ and help by fighting for the right.

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