Soles Of Passion Returns With More Progressive Sounds

New Music By Keith Pro: When there is a passion in creating meaningful music it is easy to hear. The songs speak not only to the ears but to the mind. Making people think with music is as important as writing a catchy song. Our friends from Soles Of Passion continue to show they can do both.

The Los Angeles-based band takes a base in Country music to new levels with a progressive rock edge that gives them a mass appeal. Soles Of Passion graced the pages of Indie Band Guru just a few months ago with their album Escape From Jurisdiction B. The record showed the duo’s love for the American Dream and how it has become harder and harder to achieve for the average man.

Not one to sit on their laurels, Soles Of Passion has returned quite quickly with a new album titled Bump Me Up.

The lead single “Hold On” jumps right out at you with a powerful guitar line. The sweet vocals of Myla Snow come in to change the dynamic and fill the sonic space completely. The title track “Bump Me Up” continues the energy with a country-tinged rocker that rises and falls keeping the listener focused.

AmericanaSome sexy latin-flavored guitars begin “On My Own” and build an elegant soundscape for the vocals to weave in and out of with a flair all their own. “Cow Girl Bling” is a truly interesting mix of a dance music beat with a country feel and an almost new wave sound to it with the vocal delivery and playfully altered sounds to create something very original. There is some romance that creeps in on “Paris”. The mellower feel and sultry vocals add a touch of grandeur to the slowest track on the record. The experimental new wave of “FeelsGood” is a great closer to the album as it shows how Soles Of Passion can take their music in a direction that they see fit.

It seems like this ride is only just getting started.


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