Soles of Passion ‘Escape From Jurisdiction B’ Music Review

HOT INDIE NEWSMelissa Kucirek reviews Soles Of Passion’s upcoming CD ‘Escape From Jurisdiction B’ for HOT INDIE NEWS.

Melissa writes; ““L.A.-based power pop – country-rock duo, Soles of Passion, boast a highly polished product in the eight-track collection (eight total songs, not an eight track folks!) in Escape From Jurisdiction. The running theme of down and out, being the victims of greed and housing foreclosure.

How inspiring, then, to hear warm, melodic guitar riffs and poppy techno music beds. “Say I Will” is one song that starts out a bit sketchy – and it took me a few listens to dig the words. But, I felt engulfed into the wall of synth and warm guitar work. It’s a bit like “Video Killed The Radio Star” minus the talk-sing vocals.

Overall, fans of pop and indie rock will find something they like on Escape From Jurisdiction B”

Awesome Melissa, thanks so much for your support!

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