Small Town America Is Alive And Well

AmericanaWhen you travel around the country it’s stunning how different the Major Metro/big cities are from the smaller rural areas and towns. There is a very noticeable contrast between the people, and how they act, think, and treat their fellow neighbors.

Politically speaking we’ve got the ‘Red’ States and the ‘Blue’ States, but the fact of the matter is it’s more like the Major Metro areas, and the rural areas. The Major Metros are almost always up to their necks in nightmarish fiscal problems, with high rates of crime and traffic jams beyond comprehension. In contrast folks living in the rural areas will tell you when asked “we’re doing just fine”. Small Town America is Alive And Well (thank you), and they are predominately full of ‘go-getters’ with a much lower percentage of ‘no-getters’ that are always looking for a free ride.

Main StreetThen there is the timeless architectural jewels from another era that can only be described as “Americana”. In an article written by Joseph B. Hornett describing the small town of Kendallville, IN he says;

“Citizens still frequent Main Street shops and watch movies at the Strand Theater with digital projectors partially funded with donations. It is a place where families are raised and children grow up in relative safety. Bixler Lake and its surrounding parks draw families for gatherings and the dip that refreshes on a hot summer day”

“You don’t need ‘bright lights and big city’ to have lives of relevance and impact. All you need is creativity, industry and love. Yes, love”

HorsesIt’s night and day between the Major Metro areas, and the rural areas, such a joy to be with real people. While the 1% live in their elitist ‘bizzaro world’, that accentuates the disparity between the world the 1% have created for themselves, and country folks who consistently demonstrate that they are the ‘nicest people ever’. The rural area populations are consistently made up of very different types of people that are predominately super nice folks that will shake your hand, and wish you well. All ethnic groups living, working, and being together negates the narrative that rural America is full of dangerous rednecks, this is totally false. Made up class warfare guised as truth, an inversion of the truth. Small town America, keep fighting the good fight!



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