SKOPE Magazine Reviews Soles Of Passion

SKOPE SqSKOPE Magazine’s review of upcoming Soles Of Passion ‘Escape From Jurisdiction B’ by Beach Sloth.

We are so thankful for this and again (humbled) by the writer’s endorsement of our music.

Here are some exerpts from the review;

“With drive and energy, Soles of Passion’s “Escape From Jurisdiction B” is a clever concise album. Intricate in detail the sound is a mixture of shoegaze, country, and progressive rock. By weaving together such a wide variety of sounds the songs teem with life. Vocals are the right level of sweetness, ruminating over the state of the world and of relationships. Lyrics serve as the heart and soul of the album with all else revolving around them. A pop sensibility informs the entirety of the album as the songs are infinitely catchy full of warm inviting melodies and a sense of hope”. SKOPE SOP

To read the entire review (CLICK HERE)


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