Silent Majority Not Silent Anymore

Americana It’s no accident that the heartland of the nation is getting poorer, while the 1% are ‘swimming in it’. Crony capitalism combined with globalism and politicians whose mandate is to enrich themselves and serve their masters (verses the citizens) all tied together between Wall Street and Washington D.C. These ruinous alliances make for the perfect storm on the middle class American Dreams.

Since the Mortgage Fraud implosion and the subsequent financial collapse of 2008, etc, people woke up and realized things have changed (for them), but not for the 1%. They pulled off the biggest bank heist in human history, got away with ‘Trillions’ of dollars, left private investors and taxpayers holding the bag. Then they proceeded to plunder the shells left standing with foreclosure sales via fraudulent note assignments and default documentation (ie: robo signed documents).

The one Good News story that has come out of all the over the top corruption, is that the “Movement Is Growing” of people and alternate news outlet that have become “self aware” of the corruptions. Not that folks are privey to the inside details, but it’s obvious the slight of hand shell game is going on, and is an abobination to our values and heritage.

To that end, we offer a recent story by Pam Martens and Russ Martens. Here are some quotes from their article; Wall Street “Tens of millions of Americans clearly understand that an entrenched system of corruption such as this, perpetuated through a revolving door between Wall Street and Washington, while enshrined by a political campaign finance system that recycles a portion of the plunder to ensure greater plunders, will inevitably leave the nation’s economy in tatters — again. That’s because systemic corruption and legalized bribery within the financial arteries of the nation can only create grossly perverse economic outcomes”

“After the 2001 collapse of Nasdaq, nothing materially changed to stop the systemic corruption model. In fact, corruption accelerated. Instead of allocating capital to build new industries and new jobs to ensure America’s future, Wall Street allocated capital to unsound derivatives and to subprime borrowers, whom it knew from its own internal reports, did not have the ability to repay the loans. Wall Street then offloaded its derivatives risk to AIG and suckered Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae into buying its toxic subprime debt. All three institutions collapsed under the weight of this Wall Street corruption and, jointly, received over $367 billion in taxpayer bailouts”

This nation’s prosperity is at risk, and there has to be a substantive change of direction. We need leadership to set the tone. Otherwise it will be like the reign of ‘Nero’ while Rome burns.

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