4 Year Old Girl’s Vegetable Garden Must Go, Says USDA

Another truly “Surrounded” moment. Every hour of every day these days it seems like we’re bombarded with jaw dropping news articles.  I don’t know if the new “instant” information technology is responsible, or if there is just so much more stuff going on these days.  It’s truly hard to keep up with it all.  But to me this article “Stands Out” like a solar eclipse.

This article was written by Sarah for the The Healthy Home Economist on August 23, 2013, and it is a story that should make everyone in America “Sick to their stomachs”!  I know it makes me sick to read about such stupidity going on.

How is it that a four year old daughter’s efforts to plant, maintain, and grow a home vegetable garden to assist her handicapped mom’s livelihood must be “shut down” by some Bureaucrat’s self designed power tripping rules?  This is the type of spirit and effort that should be exemplified and admired in the world today.  But instead it appears Rosie’s efforts to help herself and her mom are being “Shut down” due to rules created by folks that appearantly have lost sight of one of the most basic principles in this world; “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves”.  Soles Of Passion are with you Rosie!  And I’m sure that the vast majority of the citizens of this great country are also with you. Don’t give up!!BUREAUCRACY

Check out these quotes from Sarah’s article;

“In this latest crackdown on citizens simply trying to provide for themselves using the most basic of skills – gardening – the USDA’s Rural Development Agency is forbidding Rosie, an industrious 4-year old girl in South Dakota from using a small, unused area outside her subsidized housing unit to grow green vegetables. Rosie’s mother, Mary (names changed to protect the child’s identity), is single and severely disabled. She and her daughter live on a fixed income disability payment of $628/month. The garden vegetables growing just outside her backdoor lovingly tended by Rosie provide a fresh and healthy addition to their diet that they could not otherwise easily afford.”

And, “Think this is an isolated case?  It’s not.  I write regularly on this blog about these outrageous situations where ordinary citizens are bullied by out of control bureaucrats, the most recent being a Mother in Maine who was harassed and threatened by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for feeding her healthy, robust 3 month old son homemade goat milk formula instead of horribly unhealthy commercial formula from the store laced with rancid vegetable oils and GMOs!”

Next time you’re at the store buying fresh vegetables, think about Rosie and her mom, and “Remember” just how far we’ve fallen. It’s time reverse this decay.






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