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Rootstime reviews (Translated) “Soles Of Passion ‘is a musical duo from Los Angeles, California consisting of singer Myla Snow and multi-instrumentalist and song-writing producer Steven Wolfe. Their favorite music is in the country and rock genre which is truly Americana sound. Eight new songs they wrote and took them on their latest album “Bump Me Up”; songs about love and life, but also about homeland America and the prevailing political power where corruption is rife have written meaningful lyrics for their songs.

That political escapades are chanted in the country rock song “Got Me Surrounded”, while songs like “Hold On” and “Bump Me Up” are meant to give himself some depressed feeling optimistic fellow man helping hand. Americana But love is so celebrated in the songs “On My Own” and the energetic “Feels Good” on something “Blondie” appears. A notable song from this album is surely have provided midtempo charged song “Cow Girl Bling” (see video), in which the extensive instrumentation, rhythmic popdeuntje and airy vocals Myla Snow together for quite a catchy song. The subdued charged ballad “Paris” can surely tempt us.

This mini album differs in songs, composition and orchestration wider still somewhat from their previous album “Escape From Jurisdiction B”. There is here a bit more towards pop music went on these tracks and comparisons in the trade press with the work of, among others Alanis Morissette and The Cranberries’ are not entirely unjustified. “Soles Of Passion” so worthwhile to keep an eye on in the near future, which we are happy to continue to do for you.

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