Rome Burns

Dollar devaluedRome burns, while the Emperor plays on. We the people are virtually ‘locked out’ of influencing the ‘El-Lite’s’ dollar/debt demise schemes. Even if people were paying attention, one asks ‘what can I do about it’? And the answer runs from ‘Who Knows’ to Who Cares’. People are suffering from Normalcy Bias, when it comes to the lifestyles we’re accustomed to due to the US Dollar’s reign as the world reserve currency. Nobody thinks that things could be different tomorrow, because everything is OK today.

However, voice after voice, after voice is sounding the ‘warning’ that the astronomical level of dollar printing to fund the debt explosion is going to ‘change everything’ when it finally blows up. How long can the ‘Money Monsters’ keep the plane in the air circling before the Hard Landing? According to Ron Paul, the debt bubble is expanding at the pace of $52,000 per second every second (CLICK HERE). Even retiring U.S. Senator Bob Corker says that when it comes to fiscal responsibility “Nobody cares about fiscal responsibility anymore”. Not the public or the government ‘El-lites’ (CLICK HERE).

So why should we care you ask? This is a run-a-way train that’s not going to make a soft landing when it hits the curve. Everybody’s individual situation is different, we’re not about to preach that we have the ‘solution’ to avert this meltdown, but we do hope that the ‘Passion Nation’ will realize that this is not a drill, this is not a joke. If you listen you can hear ‘Nero’ playing in the background as Rome Burns.

Here are some quotes from an article by Clint Siegner titled ‘Federal Reserve Note Dances Upon Its Own Grave’;

Currency crisis“Nobody should be fooled by recent outperformance relative to the currencies of other insolvent nations. The greenback is in the worst shape of its life”

“Sound money advocates are already well versed as to why the dollar has been losing purchasing power ever since the Federal Reserve took control of its fortunes more than a century ago. They understand the implications of perpetually rising federal deficits and debt”

“The most recent decade, during which federal borrowing has begun growing exponentially, indicates we are MUCH CLOSER to the end of the cycle – insolvency and default – than we are to the beginning. But it isn’t the only indication that we are approaching the end-game”

“The Federal Reserve Note’s hegemony in the global oil trade is starting to fall apart”

To Read The Entire Siegner article (CLICK HERE)


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