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America Alive And WellSoles Of Passion get around a lot to both Urban and Rural America. It’s almost like there are two different countries inside our nation. The Urban Side seems continuously ‘Stressed’, with daily priorities about commuting time and distance, and the constant dare I say ‘obsessive’ need to know up to the minute what is or is not happening with the ‘hot topic’ of the day/moment. A constant bombardment of News, Notifications, and Messaging, and then Re-messaging.

Folks living in the Rural Side of course have their daily priorities, but they seem to revolve around more basic things like; Weather Forecasts, Supplies, and working around the property. The sociopolitical narrative doesn’t resonate so much, as folks know how they feel about stuff, are less wavering and it’s ‘In God We Trust’. The Rural Side is far less influenced by the 24/7 daily barrage of ‘negative’ news, rumors and gossip that manipulates the Urban Side. You’re just not going to see anybody showing up for some protest rally with a bottle of urine to throw on somebody they disagree with. It’s simply Neighbors looking out for Neighbors. That is nothing special, it’s ‘Standard Operating Procedure’. Boy don’t we know that first hand from all the amazing help and attention our neighbors have given us in our own space in the Rural Side.

So when a recent article by David Kupelian came out that highlights these points, the bells started ringing around here. Mr. Kupelian writes;

“I can’t watch the news anymore – it’s just too depressing, and it makes me angry! Many people, including more than one family member, have told me exactly this in recent months”

Political News “And no wonder. America in the Age of Trump is way beyond “divided.” It’s angry and at war, with one side hysterically convinced the country is unjust and racist, and accusing everyone who sees things differently of being “deplorable” bigots, even fascists. Political violence has become the new normal as the left’s mania has grown both pathological and alarming, and nowhere more so than when focused on the president himself”

“One study reports almost a third of Americans – 29 percent – say today’s frenzied political climate is causing relationship problems, and the New York Daily News story “Trump presidency is destroying marriages across the country” reports, “There’s even a term for the marital mayhem between Trump acolytes and their liberal lovers: The ‘Trump Divorce.’”

But, here’s the GOOD NEWS in David’s article;

Hurrican Harvey“But then came Hurricane Harvey, with its near-biblical level of flooding and epic destruction. And this mega-natural disaster swept in a flood of very different sorts of news reports – uplifting good news stories, hour after hour, day after day. Heroism, generosity, love and sacrifice, stories of neighbors helping neighbors and strangers alike, stories of private boats and canoes and jet skis rescuing the trapped in scenes reminiscent of the Dunkirk flotilla, stories of human kindness overflowing, of people who couldn’t care less about the race, gender, politics or religion of the person being rescued, nor of the rescuer. The nation seemed to be one big family again”

“And so everyone was transported, however briefly, into the true America they love and honor, with scenes of extraordinary valor and charity that would be reprised shortly thereafter when Hurricane Irma brutally ravaged Florida”

“The same thing occurred in the aftermath of the horrendous Oct. 1 Las Vegas mass shooting. In the midst of sheer terror, shock, chaos and unthinkable carnage, not only that city’s first responders but off-duty cops attending the concert and countless other citizens instantly sprang into action, tending to the more than 500 injured and transporting many to nearby hospitals in their own vehicles, since ambulances were completely overwhelmed. Then they stood in line for hours to donate much-needed blood, contributed generously to a relief fund, and in so many other ways showed the world a remarkable display of neighbor-helping-neighbor in the face of great evil”

The America we Love is ‘Alive And Well’! To Read The Entire Article By David Kupelian (CLICK HERE)


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