Politically Conscious, Mission Driven, Country-Rock Duo

Best Music In The WorldBy The Ark of Music: With distinct country, blues, and rock overtones, Land Of The Big Blue Sun is more of a progressive crossover album than anything else; which I would proudly offer has no absolute or conventional genre. The music was written, recorded, mixed and produced with a bright and appealing quality that is compelling and inspiring. Snow’s vocals are for real, and belong in the music world, carrying the project completely, creating its progressive identity by the sheer sound of her voice. All in all, this music is unique, wholesome, and worth your time.

Soles Of PassionSteven & Myla, Soles of Passion, as artists, they’ve set their sights to helping their fellow citizens in need through their nonprofit organization, the Freedom Assistance Foundation (FAF). They invite their fans to visit the FAF on their website to learn how to help raise awareness through the music, and raise money to help foreclosure victims, and what they call “the new homeless.”

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