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Ali's passing“Don’t It Always Seem To Go, You Don’t Know What You’ve Lost Till It’s Gone”. This lyric from the Joni Mitchell song describes the passing of Muhammad Ali.

This quote from the ‘Champ’ gives us insight into his humanity; “The Service You Do For Others Is The Rent You Pay For Your Room Here On Earth”

It is not our desire to attempt to write any sort of Obituary here, but rather to underscore the fact that the world was such a better place with Ali in it.  His passing brings focus to the painful truth that the state of affairs in the world these days appears virtually ‘Devoid’ of leadership.  Ali was a leader, he changed forever the world of boxing with his style and methods in the ring.  He memorized people young and old all over the world with his incredible agility and revolutionary style. Muhammad Ali Ali also stood up for the principals of his chosen religion against war and the idea of taking someone’s life. At incredible risk to his career and financial well being, as well as the risk of being branded an ‘Enemy Of The State’. He held fast to his beliefs.  We wonder if his conversion to the religon of his choice back then is the same religon followed by those that perpetrate so much violence in the world today? An obvious disconnet it seems.

Let us morn Ali’s passing, but take joy that he brought his amazing talents and principals to a confused and fractured world, to show us what it means to stand behind your principals.

R.I.P. champ, gone but never forgotten! Americana  


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