Perpetual War

Endless WarThere are many things we all relate to as being ‘Perpetual’, the sun shinning, the wind blowing, the birds singing, etc. Unfortunately we have to add ‘War’ to this list as well. Regardless of our age, each of us has grown up with this War or that War as a constant throughout our lives. There have been some periods of non-war between the hot shooting wars. But then right back at it we go.

The current ‘War On Terror’ has been going on so long now, we just accept it as a normal part of the daily information feed we get from our favorite news sources.

Jesse VenturaDr. Ron Paul recently appeared on Jesse Ventura’s new show on RT, and pointed out the harm imposed on the American economy by the succession of US wars over the last few decades, from the Korean War onward, that drain money away from prosperity-building activities in America. Dr Paul said;

“Just think if all the money we have spent overseas since World War II ended, if that money had been left in this country to let wealth grow”

Had that happened, Paul says “there would not be so many people using food stamps, the middle class would not be dwindling, and the jobs situation would be better in America”

“It’s insanity to think that war improves your economic condition; it improves the condition of the war manufacturers”

Wars also lead, Paul argues, “to government efforts, such as via the USA PATRIOT Act, in contravention of Americans’ freedom”

Cost of warContemplate these numbers; It is estimated that since 1950 – 2017 America has spent $2.5 Trillion Dollars on ‘War’. One website dedicated to the research and compilation of the ‘cost of our wars’ estimates the ‘War’ machine costs $8.36 MIllion Dollars per HOUR.

These sources of ‘War’ calculation costs can be accessed by (CLICKING HERE) And (HERE).

If ‘We The People’ don’t turn this situation around who will? It’s sure not going to be the Perpetual War machine, and those special interest that shamefully enrich themselves on death and destruction. Not to mention the price our brave Veterans pay for the Perpetual state of War.

To watch the entire interview with Jesse Ventura and Dr. Ron Paul (CLICK HERE) *Dr. Paul appears approx 1/2 way through Jesse Ventura’s show segment.


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