Perception Is Everything

Our Perceptions of the world we live in and the way things are is ‘Everything’. Our perceptions are formed by the information that we absorb. Unfortunately, our consciousness is inundated with information specifically designed to manipulate us into forming opinions that those transmitting and proliferation the information want us to have. People are naturally ‘Mesmerized’ by visual and audio repetition, by emotional display, on and on.

One of the truths in life is that it takes ‘time and experience’ to sort out all the information that comes at us, to come up with a mature and logical vision of what’s going on in the world, and how we fit into it.  It also takes maturity to change our position on things especially ideas that we’ve held onto for long periods of time, that we know as ‘The Truth’, or the way things are. Take food for example, we believe that eating this or that is ‘good (or bad) for you’, beliefs held for long periods of time, (all of our lives), based on upbringing and habit. Only to find out later on that the information we considered iron-clad was wrong, and has been wrong all along. Don’t forget people in Europe during the Middle-Ages we taught (and thus believed) the Earth was Flat.

Coming to the realization of just how much we’ve become the manifestations of our Perceptions, is a watershed moment (really). And then we realize just how ‘Vulnerable’ we have been (and are) to those that bombard us with information that results in the formation of our Perceptions, and thus the formation of our personas and identities. The fable of the ‘Pied Piper’ takes on new relevance.

Here are some quotes from a Video-cast by David Icke, talking about this very subject;

“Well if you look at how people come to conclusions and come to perceptions and then you think that our perceptions dictate our behavior then if you can control peoples perceptions you control the way they see the world”

“Perception is absolutely the bottom line in human societies, and where does perception come from, it comes from information received. It might be your personal experiences that lead you to a perception, but overwhelmingly people’s perceptions come from the mainstream media, politicians, and  the system. If you can control the information people see you have a great  chance of manipulating their perceptions.  This is the reason why obviously we are now seeing this onslaught of censorship of the Internet, and alternative sources of information and views”

“People now go through this mental gymnastics before they speak, what should I say, what I can’t say. What should I leave out so I don’t get abuse, or I don’t get labeled this way or that way, will it be OK. This has got to stop!”

“Freedom is the freedom to have an opinion, the freedom to speak your truth. It’s not freedom to censor what you don’t agree with. I don’t delete what you don’t agree with to be circulated, that’s fascism that’s tyranny”

To Watch The Entire Video (CLICK HERE)


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