Pearls Of Wisdom – From The Amazon

Healthy LivingThere truly are ‘Pearls Of Wisdom’ about our health contained in this amazing article about the Tsimane Indian tribe that live in the Amazon rain forest. A scientific study done that measured the overall health of the tribe members, which underscore the unavoidable conclusion that this is “Proof modern life really does kill”.

We should all take note of this information, even though we’re not going to pack up and head to the Amazon rain forest to live out our lives, we can certainly extract the ‘Pearls of Wisdom’ contained in the information presented here, and modify behavior to our near and long term benefit.

Here are some quotes from this informative article written by Stephen Beech;

Secrets of the amazon“A new study estimates that an 80-year-old from the Tsimane has the same vascular age as an American in their mid-fifties”

“Unlike people in first world, the Tsimane survive on a diet low in saturated fats and high in non-processed foods”

“Their diet is largely carbohydrate-based (72 per cent) and includes non-processed carbs which are high in fibre such as rice, plantain, corn, nuts and fruits”

“Heart rate, blood pressure , cholesterol, and blood glucose were also much lower, probably as a result of the tribe’s lifestyle, according to the researchers. The indigenous Tsimane people, who live in the Bolivian Amazon, have the lowest reported levels of vascular ageing for any population”

High blood pressure“The researchers suggests that the loss of subsistence diets and lifestyles in modern society could be classed as a new risk factor for heart disease. The main risk factors are age, smoking, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, physical inactivity, obesity and diabetes”

It seems that any food that comes in a bag, box, can, or package is not so good for us.

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