Over Priced Solutions To Made Up Problems

Cost of the war on terror The Real cost of the ‘War On Terror’ INCALCULABLE. Our nation is caught up supporting the perpetual and institutionalized ‘Warfare State’. “The Real Cost Is Paid In Blood”. The asset cost is countless ‘TRILLIONS’ of dollars since the birthday of the “War On Terror” 09/11/2001.

Just imagine how the quality of life could have been improved had these resources been allocated and deployed in positive ways to help the nation’s citizens. According to the Federal Reserve the aggregate total of all Mortgage debt on primary residential properties of 1-4 units is right around $10 Trillion dollars. Imagine if the funds directed into the ‘War On Terror’ were used to payoff all the Mortgage debts on single family residences. All those Mortgage payments would have been spent/re-directed into the local economies across the nation each month. The amount of commerce, jobs and prosperity that would result would be staggering. And dare we say it, more tax payers paying taxes = higher tax revenue and NO need for higher taxes or budget deficits.

This short Awesome video does a superior job of telling this story.



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