Out Of Balance

Fear of what's nextSlow motion ‘Si-Fi’ is what life in America is like these days. Every other moment we’re subjected to another ‘discord or controversy’ that we might expect to see in the movies. But in fact the movies have now come into our living rooms. A telling exercise is to note the daily news headlines and write down the title/headlines each day that tie-into the ‘OMG or can you believe this’ category. Compile/list these ‘headlines’ for a few weeks and then go back and read through the entries you’ve made. It will become clear that “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”.

One of the more disturbing transformations that has occurred over the past couple of decades is in law enforcement. Of course we totally respect the brave citizens who risk their lives each day when they put on the ‘badge’ and go about their daily routines. But, somehow things seem to have gotten ‘out of balance’ in this transformation. It’s a matter of perception. How the police view the general public, and how the general public views them.

Create the problem (chaos/riots/terror events), Provide the solution (military police force), Control the outcome (welcome to the ‘Police State’ for our protection of course).

A recent article (and discussion) by Nick Giambruno and a couple of his associates highlights this topic. Here are some quotes from the article;

Adam 12 verse the police state“The US government has consciously created a police state. Historically, whenever governments have done this, it was because they planned increased controls that they thought might incite rebellion. So the police state is created in advance to demonstrate that opposition to greater controls would be futile. We can therefore surmise that the controls that are on the way in the US are likely to be far more oppressive than at present”

“Yes, this is very clear. Not long ago, I saw a training video where recruits were lined up, being drilled—punching their fists in the air, shouting in unison, “I have the power! I have the power,” over and over. This is the antithesis of the helpful neighborhood cop. It’s unquestionably Gestapo training and it’s borne out on the street. Police in the US, especially younger, recently-trained police, see the public as a threatening enemy and behave accordingly”

Storm Troppers“All these things compound upon the other. It’s a very bad trend. I see no reason why that trend is going to turn around. In fact, I expect it to accelerate, especially as the economy turns downhill and people become more restless and the Deep State feels that the plebs have to be kept under control. So, yeah, it’s a trend that’s been accelerating for several decades. And it’s going to keep accelerating until some type of a crisis blows it all up”

To Read The Entire Article By Nick Giambruno (CLICK HERE)


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