Our Mission

Our Mission

flagIT USED TO BE A WONDERFUL LIFE for folks living the age-old American Dream of owning their own home. The rules were simple. Everyone understood them: 1) The bank owned your home until you paid off their mortgage. 2) You worked hard, lived in your home, and eventually owned it.

BANKSTERTHEN CAME THE BANKSTERS, and the whole game changed. Suddenly, as in the classic American film “It’s A Wonderful Life,” it was if Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey character had never been born. There were no good guys, the villainous Lionel Barrymore character Henry F. Potter, who with his money ruled the town with an iron fist.

Watch It’s A Wonderful Life – Mr. Potter vs George Bailey

videoIT’S NOT A MOVIE ANY MORE. Shockingly, over the last 25 years, Americans have seen the lessons of “It’s A Wonderful Life” come true. Suddenly, the Potters of the world routinely force hardworking Americans out of their homes for no reason other than their own greed. They’ve took the form of BANKSTERS: banks who willingly squeeze mortgage customers out of their homes, buy them back for a song… and resell them, again, for an obscene profit.

saveWE’RE COMMITTED TO HELPING FORECLOSURE VICTIMS. Visit our FAF tab and learn how you can help America’s new homeless… because more than 8 million Americans have lost their homes to these crooks. They still are. And the next one to lose their home could be YOU.

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