Not In My Name – War & Taxes

Not In My Name“War Involves In Its Progress Such A Train Of Unforeseen Circumstances That No Human Wisdom Can Calculate The End; It Has But One Thing Certain, And That Is To Increase TaxesThomas Paine

With this Memorial Day/week we’re reflecting on the honor that needs to be paid to those brave men and women that paid the ultimate price in the line of duty for their country. Their sacrifices made, so their families and fellow citizens can enjoy and continue their lives in precious freedom. There are not enough words in the dictionary to express the gratitude due for their service.

Make no mistake about it, we separate the individual soldiers from the corporate Oligarchs that control the overall agenda. Which unfortunately demands that our fellow countrymen and women are put into harms way to serve the plans and agendas made in board rooms, around conference tables by those in actual control.

Imagine what could have been accomplished if the national treasure expended on the “War On Terror” since 2001 could Peacehave been spent on a domestic agenda for the betterment of all citizens. Here is a quote from an article written by Kimberly Amadeo (CLICK HERE). In fact some say the actual tab is closer to $5 Trillion dollars (CLICK HERE).

“Between 2001 and 2017, $1.778 trillion has been spent on, or budgeted for, the War on Terror. That’s emergency funding added to the base budget for the Department of Defense. Congression approves the supplemental funds, but they aren’t subject to sequestration restrictions. For total spending, see U.S. Military Budget. It adds spending on the War on Terror to the DoD base budget and supporting departments (Homeland Security, the Veterans Administration, and the State Department)”

AmericanaThen there is the true story of Smedley Butler the US Marine hero who wrote the book “War Is A Racket”. (CLICK HERE) And was quoted as saying “the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag”. A sobering statement from a decorated war hero that fought for so many years for his country.

After the past 15 years of the perpetual “War On Terror”, along with All of the other “Wars” ie; war on drugs, war on poverty, etc. (not to mention all the ‘hot’ physical shooting wars going on). How many wars are raging around the world at any one time?

Not In My Name, And Not With My Taxes.


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