New Problems Require New Solutions

Nationofchange No doubt “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”, the challenges that we’re facing are daunting, in fact overwhelming. The old adage “Necessity is the mother of invention” will be put to the test. There is going to be a major need for ‘New Solutions’ to all of the new problems that have been created. Without delving into the pool of the many, let’s focus on one main issue that’s at the top of the list.

Jobs and income, as without those prosperity will be something that’s only read about in books and seen as nostalgic fantasy in films. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past few years, it’s hard to miss all of the news articles highlighting the accelerated pace of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and how these innovations are being deployed into our society from top to bottom. In the very near future change will not only be upon us, but it will become a tidal wave that noone will side step. What will be our ‘Life Raft’?

In a recent article put together by Paul Buchheit, all of this is defined and explored. Here are some quotes from this article;

“We’ll have to do something drastically different to employ people in the future. Our jobs are disappearing. The driverless vehicle is here, destined to eliminate millions of transport and taxi-driving positions. Car manufacturing is being done by 3-D printing. An entire building was erected in Dubai with a 3-D printer. Restaurants are being designed with no waitstaff or busboys, hotels with no desk clerks, bellhops, and porters. Robot teachers are interacting with students in Japan and the U.K? Unemployed “We’re fooling ourselves by believing in a future with satisfying middle-class jobs for millions of Americans. It’s becoming clear that income should be guaranteed, so that recipients have the wherewithal and incentive and confidence to find productive ways to serve society”


“In the U.S., the Alaska Permanent Fund has thrived for 35 years, even with anti-socialist conservatives in power. Texas has long employed a “Permanent School Fund” to distribute funds from mineral rights to the public education system. Wyoming has used a similar “Mineral Trust Fund” to help eliminate state income taxes. Nebraska distributes low-cost electricity from a publicly owned utility. Oregon has used the proceeds from wind energy to return hundreds of dollars to households. Vermont has proposed “Common Assets Trust” to raise money from taxes on pollution and pay dividends to residents. A pilot basic income experiment is set to begin in Oakland” Job losses “Numerous Native American communities have instituted guaranteed income programs, both in the form of shared benefits from casinos and as “land trusts,” which recognize the common ownership of natural resources. Notably, according to a Duke University analysis, the establishment of the Eastern Cherokee Indian Land Trust has resulted in fewer behavioral and emotional problems among the community’s children, relative to neighboring communities. In adulthood, recipients had less depression, anxiety, and alcohol dependence”

“Even the concept of providing grants to homeless people seems to work. In both Utah and California, trial programs have led to stable living conditions for dozens of formerly homeless people, with few conflicts or behavioral issues within the communities, and at a significantly lower cost than the alternative of temporary shelters — especially if people without homes are given jobs, as in a new program in Albuquerque”

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