NeuFutur Magazine SOP Review

NEU FUTURE SQ (IT)Soles Of Passion wish to thank Neufutur Magazine for this awesome (and humbling) review of our upcoming “Escape From Jurisdiction B” CD.

We did work really hard to put this together, and so glad to see the positive response to our efforts!


Here is some brief copy from James McQuiston’s review; “The electronic-infused rock that begins the latest Soles of Passion album “Escape from Jurisdiction B” hearkens back to the halcyon days of the mid-1980s. The act is able to create something wholly unique through the entirety of this album, bolstered by sizzling guitar work, a chugging bass, and an emotive and alluring set of vocals”

“The sheer number of distinct styles and approaches that Soles of Passion utilize on the album ensure that one can continue to play the album on repeat long after they have purchased it”

To Read The Entire Article: (CLICK HERE)


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