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The new Soles of Passion EP starts out with Hold On, a track that links together the powerful female-led rock of acts like Heart and Fleetwood Mac with a taut instrumentation.

AmericanaBump Me Up has a bit more pop influence present, with vocals building off of the tradition of The Cranberries and Liz Phair. The bass, guitars, and drums here have a little 1990s-alternative flair to them, making for a dense, detailed single that stands up to repeat listens. The sizzling guitar work is pushed to a higher plateau with a ropey and detailed bass line playing at the bottom of the track.

Got Me Surrendered showcases another tool in the Soles of Passion toolbox. The track has the walking bass sound of classic country records, while bits of desert rock are sprinkled through the cut. Got Me Surrendered’s inclusion of strings further differentiates the effort from the rest of the fare on Bump Me Up.

On My Own is another high-water mark for Soles of Passion, a wide-reaching track that succeeds through emotive, rich guitar lines, a set of vocals that both further the narrative and add to the overall harmonies of the single, and some of the best bass we’ve heard recorded lately. Hints of Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers can be discerned here.

Cow Girl Bling shatters the conception that late-album tracks are also-rans. This single exists at the intersections of electro-pop, goth, country, and rock. Fans of Blondie and The Cars will dig this track, while the heavier, more Go-Gos meets The Police sound of Bump Me Up’s final track Feels Good allows Soles of Passion to end the release emphatically.

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