Bump Me Up

The Soles Of Passion wish to thank both Reeve Carney and Paris Carney for their support on our project.
Reeve Carney’s guitar playing on “Hold On” and “Full Moon” is truly inspirational, and his advice and directional input “priceless”.
Reeve Carney appears courtesy of DAS Label/Interscope Records

“I think Paris is a part of the glue that binds you to all that is happening! Honestly she really fits in well as her [background vocals] totally work with Myla”
– Keith Senior


Soles Of Passion is all about inspiring a movement. Our lyrics are our music. To read the lyrics from our songs simply click on the song title below and you be presented with all the lyrics in a new window.

Hold On

Bump Me Up

Change Up

Got Me Surrounded

On My Own

Cow Girl Bling


Feels Good

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